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Mindset is central to achieving sustainable, healthy changes in our lives.  It also allows us to manage our stress and live life to the fullest, as opposed to going through life on “autopilot”.  Knowing your “Why” for making healthy changes is important, as is being mindful of our daily habits and how they either support or undermine our health and performance.


Food is not just something we stuff in our face when we’re hungry. It is our fuel, and also the building blocks for our bodies. Our bodies are constantly regenerating and we essentially become what we eat. Putting healthy stuff in leads to a strong, healthy body and mind. Our energy levels and focus, as well as overall health are largely dependent on what (and when) we eat.


We evolved to move. We were either running away from predators or running after prey. Our modern world has essentially engineered movement out of our lives – and it’s killing us. But we can reintroduce a sensible amount of movement back into our lives to support a healthy mind and body. And it doesn’t mean having to spend hours a week in a soulless gym. Movement can and should be fun!


Sleep is one of the most important activities in our lives. It’s also the one we take most for granted and try to limit. Lack of good quality sleep over time is not only deeply damaging to our health, it also negatively impacts on our performance. Even low levels of sleep deprivation cause impairment in decision making, irritability, and poor retention of new information.