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Easter is a really interesting holiday. It means very different things to different people. If you’re a Christian, it’s associated with the resurrection story, where Jesus supposedly rose from the dead. If you’re a kid, it probably involves a bunny pooping

I went through a lot of my career struggling to keep up with the demands of a hyper competitive industry, a growing family, and my health. Ultimately, it was my health that always took a back seat, and it became

I'm currently preparing for an upcoming podcast interview, and the host posed a question that really got me thinking: What does self-care mean to you? After the release of our best-selling book, my productivity started to decline. It hit me -

We had a terrible storm the other week in the Netherlands. Winds of almost 150 kph, leaving one poor unfortunate dead and thousands of trees felled across the country. We weren’t spared the carnage and had a few, quite large trees

I know this stuff. I've read Matthew Walker's book, Why We Sleep, from cover to cover (twice). I've even taken a Harvard online course on sleep. And yet, there I was last night tossing and turning, endlessly, unable to stay asleep.

We tend to take walking for granted. But bipedalism (walking on two legs) is probably our most important evolutionary development. It’s what enabled us to move to every corner of the globe before there was any other form of transportation. Nowadays,

Have you ever faced a challenge where you thought "there's no way I can do this"? Chances are, your brain is just trying to keep you safe. That's its job. However, our brains tend to be very conservative and if we

The past couple of years have been challenging, to say the least, and many of you will have struggled to maintain any kind of healthy balance during this time, having to work from home and/or dealing with the additional stress