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Your brain is lying to you

Have you ever faced a challenge where you thought “there’s no way I can do this”? Chances are, your brain is just trying to keep you safe. That’s its job.

However, our brains tend to be very conservative and if we always listen to them, then we’re constantly living in our comfort zone. What continues to amaze me is just how small that comfort zone is and how large the world of possibilities outside it is.

Take my workout this morning. The below photo with the workout details probably won’t mean much to you (unless you’re a CrossFitter!), but trust me, I always look at the workout and my brain instantly thinks “are you mad!?” “Surely you don’t think you can do that?” But inevitably, you work through it.

And it’s bloody hard.

At various points you might even give your brain some credit and think “maybe I am mad!” But you keep pushing through, nevertheless, and when you’re done (and after you’ve done a few minutes of heavy breathing) you realise that you are infinitely more powerful than your brain gives you credit for.

The same is true for any challenge we face. Give credit to your brain that it’s doing its job – and then ignore it.

Of course we need to ensure we’re staying within the safe limits of our capabilities at that time (hence the importance of proper training and coaching). But push beyond your comfort zone and you’ll enjoy discovering how amazing the world of possibilities is.